How NOT to Sell Yourself on LinkedIn

How NOT to Sell Yourself on LinkedIn

“Over the last few months, when someone asks to connect with me on LinkedIn, if I accept it, within a few nanoseconds I’ve got a sales pitch in my inbox. And it really starting to turn me off. . . I’m at the point I’m deathly afraid to accept any more connection requests.”

That’s the problem I presented on my podcast this week to Mike Sweigart, author of Great at LinkedIn: Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to be GREAT at the World’s Largest B2B Social Platform. I went on to ask him:

  • Am I wrong to be turned off by that?
  • Are they doing something wrong?
  • Is this platform being misused?

Mike went on to answer those questions and give some tangible advice about how we can all use the platform better, specifically: how to create a better personal profile, including advice on:

  • what your profile picture should look like
  • how to write a headline that attracts people instead of bores them
  • getting your About and Featured section right

Click play above and listen to our conversation.

{The part I enjoyed the most was when Mike compared those aggressive inbox sales pitches to walking up to someone at a Disco and ripping open your shirt instead of asking to buy them a drink and chatting. I think it was the “Disco” reference that charmingly aged us both. But he wasn’t wrong.}

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Source: Sell with a Story: How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sale, by Paul Smith.

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