The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell

The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell Book


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Outstanding Works of Literature award from Book Pal for 2019 (Top 5 Leadership Books)

Best New Leadership Book of 2019 by Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management.

This book defines the ten stories every leader should be able to tell at a moment’s notice, along with tips to help you find and craft your own.

Why I wrote this book:

Over the last decade, I’ve conducted in-depth, one-on-one interviews with over 300 CEOs, executives, and leaders across dozens of industries and in 25 countries around the world. And I’ve consulted or trained literally thousands more. These 10 leadership stories were chosen because they are the ones my executive clients most frequently ask for help in crafting, cover the most important territory of ideas about which a leader should have an opinion and exert some influence in the organization, and will be useful to leaders in just about any functional discipline, including general management, sales, marketing, finance, operations, human resources, information technology, engineering, etc.

More important, however, than my reasons for choosing them is what you, as a leader, think of them. And I’m confident that as you scan through the list below, you’ll conclude it’s a list of stories you won’t want to go without. This book will give you an example of all ten, plus tips on how to find and craft unique versions for your organization.

The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell:

  1. Where we came from (our founding story)
  2. Why we can’t stay here (a case-for-change story)
  3. Where we’re going (a vision story)
  4. How we’re going to get there (a strategy story)
  5. What we believe (a corporate-values story)
  6. Who we serve (a customer story)
  7. What we do for our customers (a sales story)
  8. How we’re different from our competitors (a marketing story)
  9. Why I lead the way I do (a leadership-philosophy story)
  10. Why you should want to work here (a recruiting story)