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All live training courses are highly interactive, with significant time dedicated to case studies and group exercises, as you see depicted in the pictures below. Each skill area follows the same pattern: 1) theory, 2) examples, 3) exercises, 4) case study.

Structure of a Story

A business story isn’t like a Hollywood movie, or a romance novel. It has a different structure. But it does have one. Here I explain what it is. From Lead with a Story, by Paul Smith


How a powerful metaphor can tell an entire story in a few words.

Setting a Vision

Example of using a story to help an audience believe your vision of the future is achievable. If they don’t think it is, they’ll never follow it.

Creativity & Innovation

Example of how to get people to think outside the box and be more creative by telling a story.

Top 10 Reasons to Tell Stories

Paul Smith’s top 10 reasons storytelling is a better way to lead.

How NOT to Present to the CEO

My first experience presenting to the CEO of Procter & Gamble, when I learned a hard lesson about how NOT to do it. I should have been telling stories, instead.

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