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Paul has been featured in over 50 radio and television shows, and over 260 newspapers, magazines, and blogs. Below are a few examples. (Click links here for videos of his Speaking Demo, Keynotes, Training Classes, and TV Appearances.)


The Power of Storytelling for Leadership, by Christiane Trulove
The cover story of the American Management Association Quarterly, Fall 2016, featured Paul’s work on storytelling, culminating in his most recent work on storytelling for sales.



To Persuade People, Tell Them a Story
, by Dennis Nishi

The Wall Street Journal mainstreams storytelling in this piece on narrative and persuasion. 


How to Use Storytelling as a Leadership Tool, by Dan Schawbel
Paul’s first major interview for a national magazine after the publication of his first book.

The Top Four Mistakes That Make Business Leaders Awful Storytellers
, by Paul Smith
Paul’s exclusive article written for Fast Company, November 2016.


Finding Stories That Inspire
Time Magazine’s Small Business Tip of the Day, October 2012.


How to Tell Your Company’s Story, by Adam Bluestein
Inc. Magazine delivers a great piece on corporate storytelling, including what to do when it gets out of control.


 Once Upon a Time in Marketing, by Emma Johnson
Success Magazine’s take on storytelling in marketing.

How a Story Database Will Make You More Persuasive, by Roger Dooley


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