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Book Review: The Relevance of Good Parenting in Business

Posted on January 6, 2015. Book Review from Footdown. A collection of one hundred and one stories from around the world, Paul Smith’s latest book ‘Parenting with a Story’ transcends cultural difference and defies its

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A Christmas Compromise: The fight every couple should have

On December 16, 1961, twenty-one-year-old Aquiles Sanchez married nineteen-year-old Carmen Rodriguez. Six days later, just three days before Christmas Day, they had their first fight. On that day the young couple


Lead With A Story

Mike Figliuolo

A battlefield lesson on the value of decisiveness

<Play podcast> I think we all know that person at work who shows up on their first day with a piece of paper that has their entire leadership philosophy, values, or beliefs spelled out in just a few bullet points. And they make a point of sharing that document with everyone they meet on that first day. You know this person, right? Let me tell you what I think about that guy. I'm always impressed to find someone forward thinking enough to have one of those lists. I admit I never [read more]

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The $28.1 Billion Metaphor

<Play podcast> In 2007, Scott Ford was the CEO of Alltel, a regional wireless telecommunications company headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. In May of that year, he announced that the company was being sold to two private equity firms, one of which was a global investment banking giant from New York City. In his first meeting with the new owners, Scott was expected to deliver a long and detailed presentation advising them how to run the business as they took over. You [read more]

Parenting with a Story


Top 10 Differences Between High School Sports and Robotics

As a father of two active boys, I've spent countless hours at my sons' sporting events of one kind or another, both as a spectator and a coach. But this weekend I attended my first high school robotics competition -- a FIRST Robotics regional competition in Central Illinois. I was surprised at the similarities between sports and robotics. But I was amazed at the differences. And it left my experience with sports wanting in some very important ways. Athletes, parents, and coaches, take note. THIS [read more]

Anne Fishel

Top 10 tips to move beyond “How was your day?” at the family dinner table

This week I was joined by Harvard psychologist Dr. Anne Fishel to talk about how to make better use of the time we all spend around the dinner table. In her work as Director of Family and Couples Therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital and co-founder of the Family Dinner Project, she's learned a few things about building stronger families. One is that families that have dinner together suffer less depression, anxiety, substance abuse and teen pregnancy, among other things. On that topic, [read more]