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Mallory Barbee

The Banking Exchange reviews Parenting with a Story

Mallory Barbee, AVP at CBC National Bank in Beaufort, South Carolina, wrote the most insightful review of Parenting with a Story I've seen to date. It's encouraging to an author for someone to notice all the things we

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Book Review: The Relevance of Good Parenting in Business

Posted on January 6, 2015. Book Review from Footdown. A collection of one hundred and one stories from around the world, Paul Smith’s latest book ‘Parenting with a Story’ transcends cultural difference and defies its


Lead With A Story

The Traveler

21st Century Wisdom from an Old West African Folktale

<Play podcast> Most of the stories I share here are both true and original stories I’ve written based on the interviews I conduct with leaders all around the world. But today's story is neither true, nor original. But I think you’ll find just as much wisdom in it anyway. It contains one of my favorite lessons to help an organization maintain healthy, collaborative relationships in today's modern diverse workplaces. It’s my adaptation of an old West African folk tale called “The [read more]

Mike Figliuolo

A battlefield lesson on the value of decisiveness

<Play podcast> I think we all know that person at work who shows up on their first day with a piece of paper that has their entire leadership philosophy, values, or beliefs spelled out in just a few bullet points. And they make a point of sharing that document with everyone they meet on that first day. You know this person, right? Let me tell you what I think about that guy. I'm always impressed to find someone forward thinking enough to have one of those lists. I admit I never [read more]

Parenting with a Story

Scott Mautz

One high school boy’s walk of shame to the nerd table

<Play podcast> Being kind to strangers is a good start. But far more impactful is being kind to the people we know and see every day. In fact, if you were to ask someone who’s been on the receiving end of unkindness, odds are it didn’t come from a stranger. It came from a classmate, a coworker, or a friend. Just ask Scott Mautz. Scott was born with muscular dystrophy. . . a degenerative disease that attacks the skeletal muscles. And that was complicated by a noticeable case of [read more]

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Daddy’s last dance

<Play podcast> I don't remember exactly how it started. But at some point when my first son, Matthew, was two or three years old, we developed a lovely habit every time we went to the movies. At the end of the show, as the credits rolled and the theme song played, we walked down to the front of the theater, right in front of the screen, and we danced. At around three feet tall, what that meant was that I would pick him up and hold him in my arms, his little feet dangling in front of [read more]