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Sanchez Christmas Triangle2

A Christmas Compromise: The fight every couple should have

On December 16, 1961, twenty-one-year-old Aquiles Sanchez married nineteen-year-old Carmen Rodriguez. Six days later, just three days before Christmas Day, they had their first fight. On that day the young couple

Free hugs

One woman’s street-corner cardboard sign that’ll make you want to join her with one of your own

Like thousands of people in cities all over the world, Kristin Pedemonti spends much of her time on the sidewalk holding a sign. And like many, her sign is cardboard with hand-written letters in faded black marker. It’s


Lead With A Story

Episode 17: Know Thyself: the first golden rule of leadership

My guest this week is Dr. Michael Soupios, author of The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership, who’ll explain why his first rule is Know Thyself!

Episode 16: Two bad presentation habits you need to stop right now

The second half of my conversation with sales coach Mike Weinberg where he talks about two bad presentation habits you need to stop right now. Mike is the author of the bestselling book New Sales. Simplified. You can find him at www.newsalescoach.com.

Parenting with a Story

Episode 15: Helicopter parent, or strategic teaching partner? Which are you?

Rebecca DeurleinMy guest this week is Dr. Rebecca Deurlein, author of Teenagers 101: What a Top Teacher Wishes You Knew About Helping Your Kid Succeed. We discuss two very different relationships parents tend to have with their child’s teachers. One works wonders. The other does not. Find out which one you have on this week’s show. You can learn more about Dr. Deurlein at www.rebeccadeurlein.com.


Episode 14: The kindness of a stranger. . .

Free hugsMy guest is Kristin Pedemonti who has personally brought more joy into hearts of strangers than any human being I know. You’re about to find out why, and learn how you can do the same. You can find Kristin at storytellerkp.com