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A 6-Minute Guide to Storytelling with Data: The “How We Got Here” Method

Can you tell stories with data like you can with words? Absolutely! In the video above, I'll show you one of my two favorite methods for doing that. Have a look, and then try it out yourself. If you'd rather read, see

Unto the Least of My Brothers: The Unforgettable Stranger I Met in a California Hot Tub

It wasn't the experience I expected twenty minutes earlier when I stepped into the hotel hot tub. I stopped to pause on each step for a few seconds to get used to the heat. I looked up at an almost full moon and a


Lead With A Story

Employee to Entrepreneur

Have you ever considered quitting your corporate job and starting your own business? Most of us have thought about it a little. But not as much as Steve Glaveski has. Steve's the CEO and Co-founder of an innovation accelerator in Melbourne, Australia, and the author of a new book called Employee to Entrepreneur: How to Earn Your Freedom and Do Work that Matters. I got a chance to chat with Steve this week on my podcast, which you can listen to above. In his book, he takes you through a host of [read more]

My 6 Favorite Leadership Metaphors and 2 Methods to Create Your Own

When my then son Matthew came home from his first day of fifth grade, he announced, “I’m going to learn to play the euphonium!” I said, “That’s great!” Then I sheepishly added, “Uh, what’s a euphonium?” In response, he just matter-of-factly said, “It’s like a small tuba that makes higher notes.” All I had left to say was, “Well I can’t wait to hear you play!” I had no further questions about the instrument. Despite never having heard of a euphonium, I now knew exactly what it looked [read more]

Parenting with a Story

Curiosity, and the Invention that Almost Never Happened

One day, nine-year-old James was in the kitchen with his mom's sister. Well, while Auntie was sitting at the table having a cup of tea, James was standing at the stove watching the tea kettle boil. And he was just fascinated with it. He watched as the steam came out of the top of the kettle, and he held a spoon up into the jet of steam and watched as little drops of water condensed and ran down the spoon and dripped into a little cup. He just watched that cycle go over and over and over, just [read more]

“Is that really what I need to be happy?”: How one Summer in Bombay Changed Me Forever

Ami Desai Mathur was born in New York, a first-generation natural-born American citizen. Her parents were born in India and immigrated to the United States after getting married. During her first few years of life, Ami spent half the year living in New York and half the year in her aunt and uncle’s home in Bombay, India visiting family. Even after she started going to school, Ami and her mother traveled to Bombay for a few weeks every year or two until Ami graduated from high school. The home [read more]

Sell With A Story

“That’s what I thought at first, too. But then. . .” Resolving Sales Objections Before They’re Brought Up

{The 19th in a series of the 25 most useful sales stories} One powerful use of storytelling in sales is to resolve your buyers' objections before they're even brought up. I've come across two different methods to do this, so I'll cover one in this post and the other in the next. The first technique is probably best summarized with the phrase, "That's what I thought at first, too. But then. . ." Here's an example of that technique in action from the director of market research at Aflac, [read more]

Defending Your Price Without Negotiating

{The 18th in a series of the 25 most useful sales stories} One of the final, and most common objections buyers have to what you're selling is price. So, if you’re at the point that you’re negotiating price, congratulations. You've got a prospect interested in what you’re selling, and you’ve probably resolved every other objection they have. Of course, most salespeople have an explicit method for negotiating price. And if you've got one, and it works, great. Keep using it. Storytelling [read more]