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Not sure you’re doing this right (Response to the Hemingway 6-word challenge)

I recently came across an online article inviting a group of business storytellers to take up the Hemingway 6-word challenge — that is to write their own story in only six words. [When he was challenged to do so,

Jill Kuehnert

Book Report: What I learned from Lead with a Story

A particularly insightful report from blogger Jill Kuehnert: "I sat down to read Lead with a Story early last week, armed with a pad of blue sticky notes. When I finished it a few days later, the book was stuffed with


Lead With A Story

Episode 14: “Sweetcheecks, fetch me a cup of coffee?” First impressions gone bad

Barry and coffee 2In today’s episode you’ll hear about the importance of first impressions from one guy who brought his own folding table to work and became a hero, and another who asked for a cup of coffee, and never lived it down.

Episode 13: The best lesson in leadership you’ll ever learn . . . from a dog.

annette simmonsBestselling author, Annette Simmons, joins me to share one of her favorite lessons in leadership that she learned from–of all places–her dog, Larry.

Parenting with a Story

Episode 11: A 19,000-foot attitude adjustment that will last a lifetime

Kilimanjaro 44Learn how valuable (and contagious) a great attitude can be, from a man who had to climb 19,000 feet up Mt. Kilimanjaro just to find it. That man is Dan Dorr, author of Kissing Kilimanjaro: Leaving It All on Top of Africa, an inspiring book that documents his attempts to climb the tallest mountain in Africa.

Episode 10: Sometimes it takes a thousand tries to get it right

Kip Emma SartiniMeet a young gymnast who learned the value of repeated, monotonous, practice on and off the mat. She put in over 1,000 practice attempts to learn to perform a 3-second maneuver. And it’s led to much of her success in life ever since.