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Junichi Endo

Would you rather be the head of a dog, or the tail of a lion?

There’s an ancient Chinese saying that it’s “better to be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion.” Read how that value has played out in the life and career of the CEO of a Nissan-Mitsubishi joint venture, then you

Family Focus Blog

The Family Focus Blog: Using Stories to Teach and Inspire Your Children

The Family Focus Blog IDs the top 3 barriers (and solutions!) to using more stories to teach character lessons to your kids. Check it out here.


Lead With A Story

Episode 16: Two bad presentation habits you need to stop right now

The second half of my conversation with sales coach Mike Weinberg where he talks about two bad presentation habits you need to stop right now. Mike is the author of the bestselling book New Sales. Simplified. You can find him at www.newsalescoach.com.

Episode 15: The worst sales call ever witnessed by the best sales coach in the business

Mike WeinbergMy guest today is Mike Weinberg, new business development coach and author of the bestselling book New Sales. Simplified. He joins me this week to share a painful story about the worst sales call he ever witnessed and the career-changing lessons he learned from it. You can find Mike at www.newsalescoach.com.


Parenting with a Story

Episode 013: Why I asked Lou Holtz for my position back: A Notre Dame lineman’s tale

M-McGlinn-ND-FootballIn this episode you’ll learn the value of patience and listening from ex-Notre Dame football player Michael McGlinn who quit the team under legendary coach Lou Holtz during his 9-season streak of bowl game appearances, but was convinced to come back by someone who barely said a word to him.


Episode 12: Author Annette Simmons on living with dignity

annette simmonsMy guest, bestselling author Annette Simmons, shares the lessons she learned from her grandmother on living – and dying – with dignity, humility, and self-respect.