Structured Thought and Communications

Structured Thought and Communications

If you want to get to “yes” efficiently and effectively, this course is for you. We teach participants how to define and analyze an idea as well as how to successfully communicate and gain support for their initiatives through the application of an efficient and effective analytical method.

The Elegant Pitch coverMike Figliuolo’s book The Elegant Pitch: Create a Compelling Recommendation, Build Broad Support, and Get it Approved is based on this program and serves as a useful after-course resource. In the program, participants learn how to:

  • Create and define a “core idea” they want to get support for
  • Build logic to support that “core idea”
  • Define the analyses required to support that “core idea”
  • Draft and discuss their “story” with key stakeholders
  • Package their “story” in a variety of formats (presentation, memo, email, etc.)

The course consists of instructor-introduced concepts, practical application exercises, and culminates in a case study where participants apply the entire method to a business problem. The target audience for this course consists of individuals in analytical or persuasive roles at mid- to senior levels of corporations (e.g., analysts, managers, mid-level executives). The value of this course to the participants and to the organization as a whole are:

  • Clearer communications leading to more efficient and effective decision making and reduced decision-making time
  • More efficient analysis and less re-work which leads to higher productivity
  • Crisper thinking which eliminates low-value work and prevents the pursuit of low-value ideas

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