Story Coaching & Consulting

Story Coaching and Consulting

Keynotes: 30 to 75 minutes for an size audience

One-on-one coaching for executives that want assistance crafting their own personal leadership stories or corporate stories for their organizations. I can help you work on stories you already know you want to tell. Or I can conduct in-depth interviews with you and your organization to find the stories you should be telling.

Story Development Workshop

For organizations facing a major change and needing to develop multiple corporate stories to facilitate that change. That might typically include a story to help the organization understand why change is needed, another to communicate leadership’s vision for the future, another to help the organizations see that vision as achievable, and a final story to help individuals commit themselves to new goals and hold themselves accountable for results.

This is usually a multi-day event with a dozen or more key participants. It starts with training on the why and when of corporate storytelling. I then lead participants through exercises to help them choose the type of stories they will need to navigate the change. We then split into teams, each team responsible for the development of one story. Each team goes through a guided brainstorming session to develop and select the best core ideas to build a story around. That’s followed by detailed training and tools on how to craft compelling business narratives from the core ideas, with guided exercises to apply each of the techniques to the stories.

The result is a suite of stories the organization can leverage across multiple touchpoints, as well as a participant group now trained in the craft of leadership storytelling.

To book Paul for coaching, consulting, or story development seminars, send a message to info@localhost.



“Being back in Germany several weeks, I am now realizing how valuable the coaching session with you was and (still is) for me… In the past weeks, I delivered two speeches, one with the story you coached me on…went really well…The second speech…unfortunately I screwed up…So, I started some analysis and I really have to say what a good source of advice your book is. Combined with your job aide I realized what went wrong…Thank you!”

— Andrea Heckelmann, House of Coaching

“Thank you for sharing your talents, your passion and your well-conceived and well-organized training. It was exactly what we needed…I really appreciated your desire to understand our objectives and suggest creative ways you could help us achieve them. I appreciated your no-nonsense approach that was always focused on the work…You were a true partner in every sense of the word.” 


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