7 Steps to Choosing the Right School for Your Child

7 Steps to Choosing the Right School for Your Child

Next week is National School Choice Week. So I wanted to talk to an expert about how to choose the best school for your child. And I found exactly the right person! 

My guest this week is Andrew Campanella. He’s the president of National School Choice Week, and previously served in senior-level positions at the American Federation for Children and the Alliance for School Choice. You may have seen him on CNN or Fox News or quoted in the Washington post when they need an expert on education.

And he’s the author of a new book, The School Choice Roadmap: 7 Steps to Finding the Right School for Your Child. I spoke with him on my podcast about how to go about making that choice. Click play above to hear our conversation. 

The roadmap Campanella lays out in the book has the following seven steps. They won’t seem revolutionary, and they’re not. But it’s the detail behind each one you’ll find helpful. In fact, the book includes worksheets to fill out and details for each step.


The 7 Steps to Choosing the Right School

  1. Think back to your own time in school
  2. Identify your child’s needs and the goals you have for them
  3. Decide what you need and want from a school
  4. Make a list and research schools
  5. Visit schools
  6. Evaluate schools with the questionnaire (in the book)
  7. Make a decision, apply, enroll

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