Webinars / Radio / Podcast Interviews

Michelle Davidson at RainToday asks some great questions in this podcast about storytelling at work — especially the last one!  Click here.

My interview with the Comic Muse podcast host, Daniel McInerny, in two parts. Click for Part I and Part II.


Audio broadcast of my interview with Alex Batchelor, COO of UK-based market research firm Brainjuicer.  Click here for playback.


Great questions from and a lively discussion with host and Houston-based media communications strategist, Michele Price. Click here for replay of broadcast.


See the American Management Association’s webcast featuring Paul Smith, author of Lead with a Story. Click to sign up and watch »

Free webcast from the American Management Association discusses leadership through storytelling, based on the book Lead with a Story, by Paul Smith. As discussed in Kathy Hansen’s A Storied Career.

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