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Book Study Series from the Journal of Healthcare Contracting on Lead with a Story

A series of articles from Graham Garrison in the Journal of Healthcare Contracting addresses storytelling in the workplace through a study of Lead with a Story, by Paul Smith.

Article #1: Book Study: Lead with a Story – click here.
Article #2: Why Tell Stories? – click here.
Article #3: Leaders us stories to set a vision of the future – click here.

Portland Book Review of Lead with a Story

“If you are serious about management and adding a few tools to your toolbox, this is a valuable book.” Click here for full review.

Soundview Executive Book Summaries on Lead with a Story

Smith’s book is not just a depository of stories. Far from it. In fact, Lead with a Story is not a book on storytelling, but first and foremost a book on leadership. Click here for full review.


 Lead with a Story Makes Top 20 Storytelling Books according to
The art of telling a story is a skill that if learned can be used not only in business but throughout your life. The books featured here are some of the top books on how to tell a story. Note: this list is a mix between business storytelling, novel writing, and screenwriting. This mix is what I’ve found is the best way to build the skill and art of storytelling.

Thumbs up from the San Francisco / Sacramento Book Review

Click here for details.


From ExecRank: “There are over 11,000 Business Books published each year and only the best are given our executive seal of approval: the ExecRank Distinction Award.”  Click here for full article.

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