The 10-hour Plan to Publish a Bestseller

The 10-hour Plan to Publish a Bestseller

“Hey Paul, I’m thinking about writing a book. Can we talk? I’d love to get some advice.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten that email since my first book came out eight years ago. I usually end up spending an hour explaining everything I’ve learned about the subject. And I’m always happy to do so.

But on my podcast this week, I had someone on who knows far more about it than I do — publisher and global credibility expert Mitchell Levy. And his method turns everything I thought I knew about getting books published on its head.


Click the play button above and listen to our conversation about:

  • 3 reasons why people typically write a book
  • What your “Customer Point of Pain” (CPOP) is
  • My first mistake after writing a book
  • Why asking “How do I sell more books” is the wrong question to ask
  • Would you feel awkward introducing yourself as a “bestselling author” (Spoiler: I do.)
  • Mitchell’s #1 technique for getting a book into people’s hands.
  • Amazon’s KBD program
  • How to be a bestselling author with only 10 hours effort

You can find out more about Mitchell at his website:

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