Lessons from Losing a $2.25 Billion Company

Lessons from Losing a $2.25 Billion Company

I’ve interviewed a number of people who’ve run multi-billion dollar companies. But this might be the first time I’ve interviewed someone who’s LOST a multi-billion dollar business.

At the age of 26, and fresh out of Harvard Business School, Warwick Fairfax made a successful play to privatize one of the largest public media conglomerates in Australia in a $2.25 Billion leveraged buyout. Three years later, the company went under.

Today, Warwick runs Crucible Leadership, an executive coaching and leadership consultancy in Maryland, where he teaches leaders to learn from their biggest mistakes — their crucible moments, like his.

Listen to our conversation above to hear what he learned from his crucible moment losing a $2.25 billion company that was founded by his great grandfather.

You can learn more about Warwick at www.crucibleleadership.com including getting a free workbook to learn from your crucible moments.

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    Happy to send Media Kit and more info… Thanks for your time and consideration,

    Bryson Davis

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