5 Timeless Tips to Write with More Impact

5 Timeless Tips to Write with More Impact

Glenn LeibowitzMy guest this week is Glenn Leibowitz, the head of communications for McKinsey & Company Greater China. He’s also the host of the podcast Write for Impact and a popular blogger on LinkedIn. So, suffice it to say, he knows a lot about writing both on-line and in a more traditional corporate sense with email, memos, and reports.

In reflecting on his work, Glenn has summarized what he calls 10 Timeless Tips to Write with More Impact. We had time in the podcast today to get into the first 5 of those in some detail, with advice on how to accomplish each one:

  1. Grab the reader (with a great headline)
  2. Get to the point (don’t bury the lede)
  3. Tell a story (my favorite, duh.)
  4. Take a stand (have a strong point of view)
  5. Aim for clarity (avoid jargon and management speak)

My favorite exchange was a discussion about the potential conflict between two of his rules: #2) Get to the point, and #3: Tell a story, and how to resolve that conflict. That picks up at about 13:34 into the discussion.

If you’d like to read a short summary of all 10 Tips, you can read that on Glenn’s LinkedIn blog post here. And you can sign up to receive a free copy of a more elaborate version at his website www.writewithimpact.com, or email Glenn at glenn@writewithimpact.com.

Enjoy the show!

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