Dealing with difficult people: Lessons from the back room at the OJ Simpson Trial

Dealing with difficult people: Lessons from the back room at the OJ Simpson Trial

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While LA detective Mark Fuhrman was pleading the Fifth in the OJ Simpson trial, Dr. Mark Goulston was sequestered in the back room, waiting to get grilled by “Dream Team” attorney F. Lee Bailey. Dr. Goulston had been a consultant for the prosecution and Bailey was concerned the doctor had unfairly prepared Fuhrman to withstand Bailey’s famously effective cross-examination techniques. (He hadn’t, by the way).

Bailey came at him hard in the back room, intent on breaking a confession out of him. But Goulston had been studying Bailey’s methods and was prepared for him. In a brilliant set of moves that seem nothing short of a Jedi mind trick, Dr. Goulston fought back in a disarmingly calm fashion that completely threw Bailey off his game, and sent him out of the room frustrated and empty handed.

In today’s podcast, I interview Dr. Goulston about that day in Los Angeles two decades ago. He shares his insights from that encounter and a handful of highly effective (and sometimes hilarious) tactics that he used successfully that day.

Just ListenIf you ever find yourself working with difficult people (and who doesn’t), you’re sure to get something out of our discussion.

And if you want to learn more, check out Dr. Goulston’s book, Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone. You can find him at

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