Training Videos

Structure of a Story

A business story isn’t like a Hollywood movie, or a romance novel. It has a different structure. But it does have one. Here I explain what it is. From Lead with a Story, by Paul Smith


How a powerful metaphor can tell an entire story in a few words.

Setting a Vision

Example of using a story to help an audience believe your vision of the future is achievable. If they don’t think it is, they’ll never follow it.


Creativity & Innovation

Example of how to get people to think outside the box and be more creative by telling a story.

Top 10 Reasons to Tell Stories

Paul Smith’s top 10 reasons storytelling is a better way to lead.

How NOT to Present to the CEO

My first experience presenting to the CEO of Procter & Gamble, when I learned a hard lesson about how NOT to do it. I should have been telling stories, instead.