Storytelling for Salespeople

Storytelling for Salespeople

This is a highly interactive, hands-on training on storytelling for sales professionals.

The selling process starts well before a sales call ever occurs and continues long after the sale has been made and the product delivered. The best sales people use storytelling at every phase of the process and have mastered its use.

As part of the research for my  book Sell with a Story: How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sale, I interviewed sales and procurement professionals at over 50 companies to find out where in the sales process they were using storytelling, and (from the buyers’ perspective) what made the most compelling stories so effective. In this class, participants will discover:

Participants will learn specific techniques for:

  • How to choose the right story
  • Proper story structure (Hook, Context, Challenge, Conflict, Resolution, Lesson, Action)
  • The proper use of emotion and surprise
  • Dialogue and length
  • Telling stories with data
  • Where to find great stories

Participants are expected to come to class with a story idea and will develop it throughout the day. You’ll have an opportunity to apply the techniques to several stories during the session, including your own story.

Plus a 6-month Extended Learning Program that includes: 48 micro-lessons, one delivered twice a week with exercises and prompts to:

  1. help you discover and craft great original stories
  2. reinforce and practice what you learned in class
  3. discover additional storytelling skills including details in stories, the ethics of storytelling, how to practice and save your stories, oral vs. written stories, and how to get buyers to tell you their stories. 

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“Our team is currently hosting a ‘story time’ session. They invited the whole team, incentivized them with free pizza, and is tapping their collective brains to help build a story to help kick off a new product launch. And it wasn’t even my idea! Pretty cool that the team is fully embracing what we just learned from you.”
          — Steve Blair, The Harvest Group, Director – People and Culture