Compelling Executive Presence

Compelling Executive Presence

Compelling executive presence relies upon your ability to connect with your audience and convey your ideas in a clear and resonant way. This course teaches you how to create meaningful connections between you and your audience. The tools and techniques covered in class help you be more authentic and comfortable in a variety of situations while at the same time getting past the walls and biases of your audience.

The course includes instructor-introduced topics and opportunities for practicing each core skill, including getting feedback from the instructor and your classmates. Participants will learn and apply an integrated framework covering all aspects of presence, including:

  • Ways to help you more easily be your authentic self
  • Tools and techniques for establishing trust and building rapport
  • Approaches for getting your audience to connect with your content
  • Methods for getting others on board with your recommendations

The target audience for this course is any manager, senior leader or executive looking to learn beyond cliché “do this/don’t do that” presentation platform skills courses to focus on the true attributes of presence: authenticity, rapport, engagement and gravitas. The benefits of the course are:

  • More compelling leadership presence and personal brand
  • An improved ability to achieve audience buy-in
  • An expanded toolkit to connect audiences to content
  • Increased audience involvement and support for your ideas

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