The Family Focus Blog: Using Stories to Teach and Inspire Your Children

The Family Focus Blog IDs the top 3 barriers (and solutions!) to using more stories to teach character lessons to your kids. Check it out here.

Not sure you’re doing this right (Response to the Hemingway 6-word challenge)

I recently came across an online article inviting a group of business storytellers to take up the Hemingway 6-word challenge — that is to write their own story in only six words. [When he was challenged to do so, Hemingway famously responded: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”] I read further to see almost one hundred [read more]

The story that can literally save your life, IF you tell it to the right person

If you don’t have your health, nothing else in life seems to matter much. But when we do have our health—or at least think we do—it’s often easy to neglect it and take that good health for granted. But that’s when the seeds of destruction are usually sown. One person who knows that well is David [read more]

Book Report: What I learned from Lead with a Story

A particularly insightful report from blogger Jill Kuehnert: “I sat down to read Lead with a Story early last week, armed with a pad of blue sticky notes. When I finished it a few days later, the book was stuffed with blue — quotes, key points, book recommendations and ideas for my own stories that [read more]

Serious mountain wisdom from the Grand Teton National Park

Enough said.

I’ll bet you’re more likely to obey this sign because it explains WHY it’s a rule in the first place. I was.

A great example of including the “why” at a natural hot spring in Yellowstone National Park. People are much more likely to obey a rule If they know why it’s a rule in the first place. And these are two great reasons.

Bullying: two success stories

“If you stand up to a bully, they’ll always back down” True? Or is that ill-advised in today’s more violent climate? Let’s look at how two youngsters responded to a tormentor on two continents and see if we can find some wisdom. Click here for the last of my 5-part series at

Sometimes being a good parent means pushing your kid off the boat

Thank you to my high school friend Kerri Whitfield for sharing her story. The plunge she took at the age of 12 forever changed the way she parents 30+ years later.    Click here for the full article on

Is it ever OK to tell a story that isn’t true? Yes! Here’s when and how. . .

The Tale of Three Researchers As former director of consumer research at Procter & Gamble, and a 20-year veteran of the company, I was often asked what makes the difference between a good consumer researcher, and a great one. I used to answer with a list of qualities of a great researcher: strong leader, great [read more]

Leadership story series #12: Finding courage to pursue your dream

How I found the courage to pursue my dreams (and you can too): an inspiring story from an 80-year-old man and his 75-year-old dream. Click here.