How to Build Confidence in New Situations

I think all parents want their kids to have a healthy sense of confidence, especially when they’re going into a new or unfamiliar situation — like attending a new school, or moving to a new neighborhood. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a proven way to do that in exactly those situations? Well, it turns [read more]

Eating the quiche: how to stand up to peer pressure

I think the most memorable lesson I ever learned about becoming an adult occurred at the most unexpected place and time: in a crowded restaurant on Secretary’s Day, April 1986. Still a teenager and a freshman in college, I had a part-time job at a local furniture manufacturing company. My dad was an executive there, [read more]

Episode 12: Author Annette Simmons on living with dignity

My guest, bestselling author Annette Simmons, shares the lessons she learned from her grandmother on living – and dying – with dignity, humility, and self-respect.

Episode 9: Am I doing this for me? Or to get someone else to like me?

People that lack self-confidence don’t lack confidence. They just gain it from someone else. Meet an 8-year-old girl from Kentucky who learned the dangers of doing things just to get other people to like you, the moment she heard a gunshot.