“Silence, please. My king is coming.”

There’s a difference between respect and reverence. Showing respect involves being considerate and tolerant of other people. In short, treating other people the way you would want to be treated. But reverence is another thing entirely. Reverence is “a feeling of profound awe and respect and often love.” So while most well-mannered people display respect [read more]

The Phone Call My Parents Never Return

The Phone Message I call my parents on my birthday.  I have done this for the past 30 years.  I am their only child. Not surprisingly, they do not answer.  I leave a lengthy message sharing all that has happened with me and my family.  I ask them to return my call.   They never have. [read more]

What happens when a deaf boy decides he doesn’t want to be the “retarded kid” anymore

On a rainy day in Memphis, September 17, 1953, Bessie Faye Tedford stepped out the door of her home, slipped on the wet steps, and fell down a short flight of stairs to the sidewalk below. She suffered no broken bones or serious injuries. In fact, it probably wouldn’t have been a noteworthy event at [read more]

Episode 5: One man’s stand against bigotry that we can all learn from

Meet a Colorado man who stood up to bigotry in a way that will make you laugh and cheer at the same time. What would you do if this happened to you?