The Gift We Love to Receive But Hate to Give

Not too long ago, “ropes” courses were all the rage. Remember those? Outdoor team-building programs where people climb through trees on ropes and ladders. The idea is that going through some hardship together builds camaraderie and team spirit. So learning the value of patience was not what Dave Orewiler expected from his nine-day ropes course [read more]

The Only Way to Listen Better by Talking More

Listening is one of the most important communication tools we have. In fact, it’s one of the only two requirements for actually having a conversation — the other being it’s far more popular teammate: talking. But even when we do listen, most of us listen with the intent of responding, not with the intent of [read more]

Episode 13: Why I asked Lou Holtz for my position back: A Notre Dame lineman’s tale

In this episode you’ll learn the value of patience and listening from ex-Notre Dame football player Michael McGlinn who quit the team under legendary coach Lou Holtz during his 9-season streak of bowl game appearances, but was convinced to come back by someone who barely said a word to him.