Professional Comedian Drew Tarvin Shares an Antidote for Prejudice and Hatred

If you follow my Lead with a Story blog or podcast, you’ll know that last week I had professional comedian and self-described “humor engineer” Drew Tarvin on to talk about one of the most attractive parts of human nature — courage. This week I’m having him join me on my Parenting with a Story channel to [read more]

What Matrix Algebra Can Teach You About Open-mindedness

Sometimes being open-minded doesn’t mean having to admit being wrong. It just means admitting that someone else might be right. Those aren’t the same thing. And to do that, you have to start by seeing things from that other person’s perspective, which doesn’t come easily or naturally to most people. Looking at things from a [read more]

The world is full of IDIOTS! (And what you can do about it)

We’re all so enamored of our own opinion, it’s sometimes hard to imagine why anyone would do something we see no sense in. So it’s easy to dismiss a decision we don’t understand as being foolish, which means we think the person who made that decision is foolish. And it’s certainly possible they are. But [read more]

The day masked gunmen burst into my high school history class

The most unforgettable lesson I ever learned in school was when four masked gunmen burst into my high school history class. It was the first day of classes my junior year in a small-town high school in Arkansas in 1983 – Jim Owen’s World History class. Mr. Owen had a reputation for being one of [read more]

Episode 8: A laughably embarrassing lesson on open-mindedness

This engineer’s trip to the bathroom of a new building was one he’ll never forget. He left in a dead sprint and vowed to be more open-minded in the future. It taught him why we’re slow to accept new ideas, and can teach you how to admit when you’re wrong. (Plus it’s just funny!)