The Shared Blanket: Life’s Most Important Lesson in a Single Story

Imagine you had to pick a single sentence to encapsulate all of the world’s knowledge about how we humans should behave. What would it be? What one statement could capture several millennia of history’s best thinkers, philosophers, and prophets on the topic of ethics and morality? I think you’d be hard pressed to do better [read more]

Unto the Least of My Brothers: The Unforgettable Stranger I Met in a California Hot Tub

It wasn’t the experience I expected twenty minutes earlier when I stepped into the hotel hot tub. I stopped to pause on each step for a few seconds to get used to the heat. I looked up at an almost full moon and a cloudless, starry sky. It’s 8pm in Carpinteria, California, just outside of [read more]

Giving without having: When kindness meets creativity

Giving some of what you have to those less fortunate is one way to think about charity. But what if you don’t have anything? Does that mean you can’t be charitable? Of course not. A beautiful example of that from Marvin Abrinica. When Marvin was growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, his family wasn’t the wealthiest [read more]

How a 5-year-old boy found his compassion on a street corner in Caracas

Learning to be generous with what we have is difficult for most people. By nature we’re selfish. Our instincts drive us to find food, shelter, and clothing— not for strangers, but for ourselves and our immediate family. Nurturing compassion and generosity for others means demonstrating it through your own behavior, but also celebrating it when [read more]

One high school boy’s walk of shame to the nerd table

Being kind to strangers is a good start. But far more impactful is being kind to the people we know and see every day. In fact, if you were to ask someone who’s been on the receiving end of unkindness, odds are it didn’t come from a stranger. It came from a classmate, a coworker, [read more]

Episode 14: The kindness of a stranger. . .

My guest is Kristin Pedemonti who has personally brought more joy into hearts of strangers than any human being I know. You’re about to find out why, and learn how you can do the same. You can find Kristin at

Episode 6: Four questions that brought an entire high school class to its knees

Meet a high school basketball team that learned a life-changing lesson about kindness from the most unlikely cheerleading captain West Jordan High school has had before . . . or since.