Theft, Lies, and Ninja Turtles

Today, Andrew Tarvin describes himself as a humor engineer. What that means is that he’s a speaker, trainer, author, and coach who helps people be more successful at work by using humor. That also helps explain the partly funny, partly self-depreciating subtitles he chose for the pictures of him you see here. But the story [read more]

How Larry Bird Picked His Agent

Larry Bird was already a basketball hero in his home state of Indiana by the time he was a senior in high school, graduating as the all-time leading scorer at Springs Valley High. By the time he was a senior at Indiana State University, he was being touted as the best college player in the [read more]

Truth, lies, and shoving stuff up your nose

Natalia learned the painful consequences of not telling the truth at the tender age of three. But it wasn’t the sting of her father’s hand when she was caught that hurt. In fact, she never got caught at all. It turns out that cost her far more dearly than if she had. Natalia was born [read more]

The long division contract: learning what it means to keep your word

“Your word is your bond.” We say that to our children, but what does it really mean? Holly Getter can tell you. At the age of ten she had to stay up half the night doing math just to find out. Holly grew up in Rockford, Illinois, in a time when much experimentation was going [read more]