The Problem of Getting Something for Nothing

Thomas Paine once observed, “That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly.” If true, that might suggest that something we obtain for free we don’t esteem at all. But so what? Does it really matter if we esteem something too lightly? One person who knows something about that is John Chancellor. Paying for [read more]

What it means to ‘Take pride in your work’

“Take pride in your work” is a worthy and often-quoted piece of advice given to young people. But like many pithy sayings like that, it’s hard to really know what that means until you’ve seen someone in action who truly embodies it. One person who’s seen that firsthand is Vikram Sarma. Vikram grew up in [read more]

“Why are you sitting on your ass?”

As is true with many people, Shawn Callahan learned much about what he thinks about work from his earliest job. Only unlike most people, Shawn’s first boss was a former United States Marine, and his father. Shawn’s dad served in the Vietnam War, after which he was assigned a post at the U.S. Embassy in [read more]