Facing Down the Demon of Perfectionism

Giving up isn’t always a bad thing. There are many legitimate reasons to give up on any task. Maybe you’ve accomplished enough of it already. Maybe the cost of continuing outweighs the benefits of succeeding. Or maybe you’ve just lost interest in the goal. But there are some bad reasons to give up as well. [read more]

Persistence, grit, and the presidency

The psychologist most responsible for the study of grit, Angela Duckworth, defines it as “perseverance and passion for long-term goals.” It’s a combination of zeal and persistence even in the absence of encouraging feedback. So grit isn’t just about trying hard. Anyone can try hard . . . once. Grit means continuing to try hard [read more]

Episode 10: Sometimes it takes a thousand tries to get it right

Meet a young gymnast who learned the value of repeated, monotonous, practice on and off the mat. She put in over 1,000 practice attempts to learn to perform a 3-second maneuver. And it’s led to much of her success in life ever since.