What Happens When a Japanese Woman Decides to be Friends with a “Very White Male”

Becky Okamoto is the principal and founder of an operational consulting company called the Evoke Strategy Group, LLC. But she’s an engineer by training, and spent most of her career in and around manufacturing. Meeting Marvin Earlier in her career, she was part of the leadership team at a production facility in California. It was [read more]

How NOT to Break a Date with a Boy

When Renée was a high school freshman, she did what many fifteen-year-old girls do. She developed a crush on a senior. We’ll call him Dave, and he was gorgeous. He was also smart, and funny, and mature, and he could drive a car. What was not to like? But he was a senior and not [read more]

“Do I Really Need to Hear This?”

In 2013, I was having lunch with a colleague of mine who used to work for me in the department I ran. A few months earlier she’d moved to a new department and so now had a new boss. She reminded me of something she’d told me earlier — that in talking to her new [read more]

One Sure Sign You Need New Friends

For most people, especially young people, hearing one person demean another is a particularly juicy piece of gossip. It’s therefore one of the hardest to keep from sharing, especially from the person the insulting comments are about. They sometimes justify it by telling themselves, “I’m just being a good friend by telling her. After all, [read more]

Choose your friends wisely. It could save your life.

When Vijay was a young boy growing up in Chennai, India, his grandmother shared with him a piece of wisdom that most readers will be familiar with, regardless of where you grew up. She told him that if you put one rotting mango in a basket of good mangoes, soon the entire lot will spoil. [read more]

Three successful strategies for dealing with bullies at school

Of all the reports parents can hear from their child about how things are going at school, few will raise their ire and outrage more than finding out their child is being bullied. And any parent who’s been in that situation struggles with how to advise their son or daughter to respond. Do you give [read more]