Curiosity, and the Invention that Almost Never Happened

One day, nine-year-old James was in the kitchen with his mom’s sister. Well, while Auntie was sitting at the table having a cup of tea, James was standing at the stove watching the tea kettle boil. And he was just fascinated with it. He watched as the steam came out of the top of the [read more]

Magic Mirror on the Island of Negros

Most of the daily decisions we make only affect us for a short while: what to have for dinner or what clothes to wear today. Some can affect us for a lifetime, like whom to marry. But sometimes the effect of our decisions lingers on to impact our children and their children, for generations to [read more]

A geneticist, French artist, and English tutor take the stress out of choosing the right college major or career

If you have anyone in your life stressing over choosing the right college major or first career, this week’s story is for you. With all the pressure on kids to go to college, and the ridiculously high cost of doing so, there’s more and more anxiety over choosing the “right” field of study. In the [read more]

“Don’t run into the flagpole!”: A lesson in positive parenting

Imagine you’re walking down the hallway at the office where you work, and at one point you notice a new sign hanging overhead with the words, “Don’t look up!” What would you do? You’d look up, of course. You’d want to know what all the fuss was about. Now imagine it turned out that there [read more]

Finding curiosity through the gift of discovery

Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talents. I have only been passionately curious.” Despite the obvious understatement, being passionately curious clearly does something for us as humans by paving a strong path to learning, which often leads to success. It’s akin to necessity being the mother of invention. If you have an insatiable [read more]