What we can all learn about selling . . . from a pig.

I’m very excited to announce today the publication of the Kindle version of my newest book, Sell with a Story: How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sale. As you can tell from the title, it’s about how to use the power of storytelling for salespeople, or anyone who needs to be persuasive [read more]

The jaw-dropping power of telling the customer “no.”

One of the most attention-grabbing and change-producing surprises you can use with your clients might also be the simplest. And it can be delivered with as little as a single word. Consider the following examples from Gary Cofer. Stopping the CEO in his tracks At the time, Gary was executive vice president at dunnhumby USA, [read more]

There isn’t always a ‘next time’

Part of the job of leadership is keeping the team motivated and instilling a sense of urgency. Left to our own devices, it’s easy to become complacent and slow. Is there a story that can inspire your team to face each opportunity as if it were the last, and not accept failures as temporary inevitabilities? [read more]

Episode 16: Two bad presentation habits you need to stop right now

The second half of my conversation with sales coach Mike Weinberg where he talks about two bad presentation habits you need to stop right now. Mike is the author of the bestselling book New Sales. Simplified. You can find him at www.newsalescoach.com.

Episode 15: The worst sales call ever witnessed by the best sales coach in the business

My guest today is Mike Weinberg, new business development coach and author of the bestselling book New Sales. Simplified. He joins me this week to share a painful story about the worst sales call he ever witnessed and the career-changing lessons he learned from it. You can find Mike at www.newsalescoach.com.  

Episode 9: How to turn YOUR ideas into THEIR ideas

Whether you’re making a sales pitch or delivering a recommendation to your boss, you’re trying to get someone to buy something — either buy your product or buy into your idea. One of the best ways to do that is with a “discovery journey” story. If done right, you’ll never even need to show your [read more]

Episode 8: What to do when your sales presentation is in the trash can

If your sales presentation is in the trash can, you’d better have a good story. And the unfortunate truth is, whether literally or only mentally and emotionally, your sales material often ends up in the trash can. You’re better off with a good story. Here’s a great example from Melissa Moody, the founder of Excel [read more]