3 Steps to Giving a Presentation You Don’t Believe In

Here’s a situation that happens far more often than we’d like to admit. What do you do when you’re told to give a presentation that you just don’t believe in? It usually happens to a midlevel manager who’s told they have to deploy the latest corporate mandate. Now they’re stuck in between the executives issuing the [read more]

8 Brilliant Counter-intuitive Steps to Getting to ‘Yes’

Figliuolo’s Law: an individual’s compensation is inversely proportional to the number of PowerPoint slides they’ll tolerate before stroking out.  That’s the observation of Mike Figliuolo. He’s the founder and managing partner of the executive training firm thoughtLEADERS, and the author of a new book called The Elegant Pitch: Create a Compelling Recommendation, Build Broad Support, [read more]

Challenging Assumptions: An unconventional way of getting to yes

In 1983, Joe Willke was still an analyst with Nielsen-BASES—a consumer research firm that specializes in predicting the sales of new products before they’re launched. Their technique starts by exposing a few hundred people to the concept behind the new product—just a few words to describe what it is and how it works. Then they [read more]