Finding the Fire at Work: What We Can All Learn From the World’s Most Grueling Athletic Competition

“Over 70% of people are uninspired, disengaged, and passionless at work” – That’s according to author and speaker Scott Mautz. Scott joined me on my podcast this week to talk about how to change that. He shared the results of his work in that area from his new book Find the Fire: Ignite Your Inspiration [read more]

BusinessWeek on Bounty: A Case Study in Turning Bad Headlines into an Agent of Change

In early 2001, the stock market was still reeling from the dot-com bubble and burst a few months earlier. The economy was uncertain, and even many traditional companies were in turbulent times. Procter & Gamble was one of them. It had been less than a year since the company’s stock had lost nearly 40 percent [read more]

“The Jittery Compass”: Moving your performance from good to great

What’s the difference between good job performance and great job performance? And how do you explain that to a junior manager seeking guidance? Today’s post has some answers. The annual performance review As part of their annual review process, managers at many companies are given a performance rating indicating how well they did their job [read more]

On Leading Pioneers versus Settlers

Keeping a team motivated when they’re doing a traditional role is easy, because you have all the traditional tools of leadership at your disposal. But what if you’ve asked a team to do a job that isn’t normal? A job without the typical and recognizable rewards—that atypical “special assignment” off the standard career path? The [read more]

Finishing the race

MEXICO CITY IS A world away from the East African country of Tanzania, where John Stephen Akhwari lived. But that’s exactly where he found himself in October 1968, representing his country in the Summer Olympic Games as a marathon runner. The Race Unfortunately, Akhwari suffered a fall during the race. And it wasn’t a gentle [read more]