“I hate the EEOC!”: A Martin Luther King Day story

Most business school professors know their students can learn a great deal from the practical experience of local business leaders. Dr. Art Shriberg at Xavier University was one of them. He regularly invited senior executives from local companies to speak to his students. And with nine Fortune 500 companies headquartered within a few miles of [read more]

A Sharecropper’s Daughter in the 21st Century

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, this week’s story reminds us that despite the progress we’ve made, we have more work to do. A sharecropper’s daughter Beverly Keown was born on a plantation in Seaton, Arkansas, the fourth of eight children. Her father was a sharecropper. Her mother was a domestic servant in the [read more]

When a suicide bomber in shows up in a Women’s Studies class

Part of dealing with issues of race and prejudice in a healthy manner starts with recognizing that we all have deep-seated preconceived notions about others. Some we’re conscious of and know how we got them, and others we’re not. But both can and do affect how we view and interact with other people. A university [read more]

21st Century Wisdom from an Old West African Folktale

<Play podcast> Most of the stories I share here are both true and original stories I’ve written based on the interviews I conduct with leaders all around the world. But today’s story is neither true, nor original. But I think you’ll find just as much wisdom in it anyway. It contains one of my favorite [read more]