What video games taught me about lousy customer service

“Not yet, Dad! I have to get to the next level!” That’s the response I got every time I told my then 12-year-old son, Matthew, it was time to stop playing video games and go to bed. It’s hard for a parent who grew up on Space Invaders and Pacman to understand. Those games were [read more]

Episode 10: Creating better employees, happier customers, and more of both

Taking care of the customer once you have them is just as important as all the effort you go through to get the customer in the first place. In fact, happy customers can become your best sales asset for new customers, if you make it easy to tell stories like this one.

Episode 1: A customer-service story gone horribly right

A world-class customer service story you wish was from your company. Learn what great customer service looks like and why you don’t know any great stories like this in your organization.