10 Stories Great Leaders Tell

Good leaders ask, “How do I tell better stories?” Great leaders ask, “What stories do I need to tell?” Will you be a more effective leader if your stories are well-crafted and delivered? Of course. And I spend most of my professional time teaching leaders exactly that. But the truth is, the story you tell [read more]

The Banking Exchange reviews Parenting with a Story

Mallory Barbee, AVP at CBC National Bank in Beaufort, South Carolina, wrote the most insightful review of Parenting with a Story I’ve seen to date. It’s encouraging to an author for someone to notice all the things we hope come across to the reader. Well done, Mallory. See her review here.

Book Review: The Relevance of Good Parenting in Business

Posted on January 6, 2015. Book Review from Footdown. A collection of one hundred and one stories from around the world, Paul Smith’s latest book ‘Parenting with a Story’ transcends cultural difference and defies its narrowly focused title in its narrative exploration of 27 moral values. Avoiding the self-righteous disdain of a critical parent, the [read more]

Book Review – Using Stories to Teach and Inspire Your Children

from the Family Focus Blog An expert trainer in leadership and storytelling techniques, Paul Smith has found that stories are not only a powerful tool for engaging and motivating employees. A dedicated father of two, Paul routinely relies on stories to help his sons find solutions to challenges, from bouncing back from failure to dealing with bullies, [read more]

Book Review – Parenting With A Story

from Dad of Divas’ Reviews My Take on the BookAs someone that only uses stories occasionally with my kids, I really learned a lot from the author. As I was reading through this book I started to really think about what I could do to better use my own experiences to help my kids to [read more]

Book Report: What I learned from Lead with a Story

A particularly insightful report from blogger Jill Kuehnert: “I sat down to read Lead with a Story early last week, armed with a pad of blue sticky notes. When I finished it a few days later, the book was stuffed with blue — quotes, key points, book recommendations and ideas for my own stories that [read more]

Actionable Books: Book review of Lead with a Story

See here for article by Dianne Coppola.

School Administrator Magazine reviews Lead with a Story

Click here for on-line version of review.

Book study series from the Journal of Healthcare Contracting on Lead with a Story

A series of articles from Graham Garrison in the Journal of Healthcare Contracting addresses storytelling in the workplace through a study of Lead with a Story, by Paul Smith. Article #1: Book Study: Lead with a Story – click here. Article #2: Why Tell Stories? – click here. Article #3: Leaders us stories to set [read more]

Portland Book Review of Lead with a Story

“If you are serious about management and adding a few tools to your toolbox, this is a valuable book.” Click here for full review.