How NOT to Treat Your Mother-in-Law This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day 2003, my wife and I were hosting dinner at our house with a few guests, including my sister and my wife’s mother, Jeannie. And as cliché as it may be, before the meal had even been served, I had already had enough of my mother-in-law’s company. Out on the back patio, I complained [read more]

Would you rather be the head of a dog, or the tail of a lion?

There’s an ancient Chinese saying that it’s “better to be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion.” Read how that value has played out in the life and career of the CEO of a Nissan-Mitsubishi joint venture, then you decide. See full story here.

Book Review – Using Stories to Teach and Inspire Your Children

from the Family Focus Blog An expert trainer in leadership and storytelling techniques, Paul Smith has found that stories are not only a powerful tool for engaging and motivating employees. A dedicated father of two, Paul routinely relies on stories to help his sons find solutions to challenges, from bouncing back from failure to dealing with bullies, [read more]

Book Review – Parenting With A Story

from Dad of Divas’ Reviews My Take on the BookAs someone that only uses stories occasionally with my kids, I really learned a lot from the author. As I was reading through this book I started to really think about what I could do to better use my own experiences to help my kids to [read more]

The Family Focus Blog: Using Stories to Teach and Inspire Your Children

The Family Focus Blog IDs the top 3 barriers (and solutions!) to using more stories to teach character lessons to your kids. Check it out here.

Not sure you’re doing this right (Response to the Hemingway 6-word challenge)

I recently came across an online article inviting a group of business storytellers to take up the Hemingway 6-word challenge — that is to write their own story in only six words. [When he was challenged to do so, Hemingway famously responded: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”] I read further to see almost one hundred [read more]

Book Report: What I learned from Lead with a Story

A particularly insightful report from blogger Jill Kuehnert: “I sat down to read Lead with a Story early last week, armed with a pad of blue sticky notes. When I finished it a few days later, the book was stuffed with blue — quotes, key points, book recommendations and ideas for my own stories that [read more]

Serious mountain wisdom from the Grand Teton National Park

Enough said.

I’ll bet you’re more likely to obey this sign because it explains WHY it’s a rule in the first place. I was.

A great example of including the “why” at a natural hot spring in Yellowstone National Park. People are much more likely to obey a rule If they know why it’s a rule in the first place. And these are two great reasons.

Bullying: two success stories

“If you stand up to a bully, they’ll always back down” True? Or is that ill-advised in today’s more violent climate? Let’s look at how two youngsters responded to a tormentor on two continents and see if we can find some wisdom. Click here for the last of my 5-part series at