Leadership story series: #3 – How to lose a sale in 15 seconds: Storytelling in action on the sales floor

August 30, 2012 [Edit] (Hint: “What’s your name again?”) Click here »

Leadership story series: #2 – Understanding your consumer: Big brand advice on a small company budget

August 30, 2012 [Edit] Recognize the value of understanding your customer, but don’t have the budget to commission an endless string of expensive studies? This story will help. Click here »

Leadership story series: #1 – “I thought I was getting fired three months into my first job!”

August 16, 2012  A compelling story from Eric Jacobson about getting tough feedback three months into his first job out of college. Today Eric uses this story to help young managers realize early feedback is a gift and not a curse. Eric is a popular blogger on management and leadership topics. He can be found [read more]