Not sure you’re doing this right (Response to the Hemingway 6-word challenge)

I recently came across an online article inviting a group of business storytellers to take up the Hemingway 6-word challenge — that is to write their own story in only six words. [When he was challenged to do so, Hemingway famously responded: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”] I read further to see almost one hundred [read more]

Serious mountain wisdom from the Grand Teton National Park

Enough said.

I’ll bet you’re more likely to obey this sign because it explains WHY it’s a rule in the first place. I was.

A great example of including the “why” at a natural hot spring in Yellowstone National Park. People are much more likely to obey a rule If they know why it’s a rule in the first place. And these are two great reasons.

Is it ever OK to tell a story that isn’t true? Yes! Here’s when and how. . .

The Tale of Three Researchers As former director of consumer research at Procter & Gamble, and a 20-year veteran of the company, I was often asked what makes the difference between a good consumer researcher, and a great one. I used to answer with a list of qualities of a great researcher: strong leader, great [read more]

Helping credit unions tell their story

I spent a great morning with credit union executives in Uncasville, Connecticut yesterday. See full article in Credit Union Magazine here.

Quitting Corporate America: Why I left P&G after 20 years

September 23, 2013 [Edit] “Why would a director in good standing at Procter & Gamble leave after 20 years, too young for retirement, and without another corporate job to land in?” That’s the question I’ve been getting non-stop since I announced I was leaving P&G last month. If you’ve ever been curious what it would take [read more]

9 tips for overcoming the biggest barriers to great leadership through story

From Projects at Work, based on the book Lead with a Story, by Paul Smith. Click here for full article.

Tips for Effective Storytelling at Work, from Intuit’s QuickBase

from writer Anita Bruzzese. Click here for article.

Storytelling in the Office? Yes!

From the winter issue of Storytelling Magazine, an excerpt from my book, Lead with a Story.

Changing lives, one hug at a time

November 5, 2012  By Paul Smith, author of Lead with a Story ( Like thousands of people in cities all over the world, Kristin Pedemonti spends much of her time on the sidewalk holding a sign. And like many, her sign is cardboard with hand-written letters in faded black marker. It’s a familiar scene. Most [read more]